Deyterh mera IGF

Spiros Bolis sbolis at
Wed Nov 1 13:40:58 EET 2006

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006, Spiros Bolis wrote:

> Syntoma th' anoi3w ena wiki sto portal mas gia na prospathisoyme na
> etoimasoyme ena statement - parakalw na syneisferete
> "Participants can submit a recorded five minute statement that will be
> made available on the IGF Web site and also broadcast at the venue on in
> a loop on three plasma screens for participants to hear. Those who are
> interested are encouraged to provide these statements both in video
> (specification: DVD format .vob files (region 2) or .wmv format (384x288
> resolution for streaming) ) and in written document form."

To anoi3a..

analogws me th symmetoxh kai to poso etoimo keimeno tha prokypsei, tha 
baloyme to Richard na kanei th dwlwsh.

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