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Constantine Dokolas cdokolas at Sunsoftgr.com
Tue Oct 31 10:18:14 EET 2006

Nick Demou wrote:
> Την 30/10/2006, Spiros Bolis <sbolis at freemail.gr> έγραψε:
>> [...]
>> y.g. den eida tipota diamartyromenoys bloggers o3w apo thn porta gia to
>> gnwsto thema toy blogme.gr

Εγώ πάντως το πήρα χαμπάρι αργά χτες. Για κάτι τέτοια "θαμένα" νέα θέλει
καμμια βδομάδα για να υπάρξει κινητοποίηση.

Το banner-άκι με τα "βραχιόλια" από που το παίρνω για να το βάλω στο blog μου;

> το οποίο γνωστό θέμα για όσους δεν το ξέρουν είναι:
> """
> ... Greek authorities have raided the house of Antonis Tsipropoulos,
> administrator of the blog aggregation site Blogme.gr. His hard drive
> was seized and he was arrested. The impetus was a satiric website, not
> named in the stories, that apparently offended a Greek public figure
> (also unnamed). The site in question was *ΝΟΤ* hosted by Tsipropoulos
> but was *merely* *linked* to by his RSS feed.
> """
> (από http://yro.slashdot.org/yro/06/10/29/2040220.shtml)

  Theory asserts that, although in theory there should be no
difference between theory and practice, in practice there IS
difference between theory and practice.

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