Proetoimasies gia tis 16/9 (Software Freedom Day)

Spiros Bolis sbolis at
Sat Sep 2 01:33:53 EEST 2006

Kalo mhna (an kai me kathysterhsh 1:33 wrwn)

O xronos gia to SFD metraei anapoda, ta ylika erxontai opws blepete kai
parakatw, thn Tetarth 6/9 sthn ebdomadiaia synanthsh sto Ergasthrio
boroyme na kanonisoyme tis leptomereies gia ekeinh thn hmera (px. ti
tainies tha probaloyme, ti tha pshsoyme (!) ktl ktl.)

Idees, protaseis kai apories dektes

Kalo 3hmerwma,

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 19:09:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: Matt Oquist 
Subject: SFD2006 Supplies

Dear SFD Team Leader,

The registrations have been fully processed, and supplies have been
allocated and shipped!

We have shipped the following to you:

Your team: Hellug (Hellenic Linux User Group)
Shirts: 6
Balloons: 15

In addition, we've asked Canonical to ship you 350 CDs, but this request
was subject to further review and modification by Canonical, so we can't
promise that 350 CDs were sent.

Many people are receiving the CDs already, because they were shipped
earlier than the shirts and balloons. We've done our best to use 
priority shipping when necessary and possible, so now we must hope 
that the world's postal systems succeed for us. :)

Also, we recommend that you buy some other balloons locally to augment
the SFD-labelled ones. (And get helium, too!)

Please feel free, as always, to contact SFI at
info at
with any questions or concerns.

Best wishes and Happy Software Freedom Day 2006!

Matt Oquist


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