[SFD-TC] Get your SFD T-shirts before Friday! (fwd)

Spiros Bolis sbolis at freemail.gr
Thu Aug 24 15:33:49 EEST 2006

mexri stigmhs exw aithma gia dyo (2) bloyzakia (Dhmhtrh, megethos kai
gia poio fyllo: M/F), ante na parw ki egw 1-2

Kaneis allos ths teleytaias stigmhs? As poyme mia prothesmia omws mexri
shmera to brady stis 23:00 gia na steiloyme thn plhrwmh egkaira

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Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 14:58:08 +0100
From: Robert Schumann <robert at softwarefreedomday.org>
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Subject: [SFD-TC] Get your SFD T-shirts before Friday!

Buy your look-at-me-now orange SFD T-shirt now at
The deadline for buying extra T-shirts for Software Freedom Day is this *Friday 
25 August*, so make sure to get your order in!

Every team that registered before the 19 July deadline (that's 136 teams) will 
be receiving at least two free T-shirts (although final numbers will only be 
known this weekend).  If you would like more T-shirts you will need to buy them 
before THIS FRIDAY - our shipping deadline is this weekend!

PRICES (including shipping from Australia) are
* AUD$20 or approx. USD$15.27
* AUD$15 or approx. USD$11.45 if you want your shirt shipped to a registered 
team address
* CHEAPER than that for teams in developing countries (simply reply to this 
email for further details)
To have your shirt shipped to a registered team address, enter teamzshirtz into 
the discount code section of the ordering process.  Make sure you include your 
team details (city, country and team leader) in the order comments, so we know 
where to send it.

Payment can be made by Paypal or credit card.

Available sizes are:
* Womens M and L
* Mens M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL
Specify chosen sizes in your order comments.

Go orange on SFD - buy a T-shirt to support the event!


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