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an thelei kapoios ayta ta bloyzakia, as to pei gia na paraggeiloyme
Exoyme ligotero apo ena mhna!
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Dear Team Leaders,

Some of you may wonder why you should buy "official" SFD shirts for
AUD$20 when you can make your own locally for less than that. There is
some overhead that comes with having "official" shirts, doing currency
conversions to pay for them, and then shipping them all over the
world. In the end, that AUD$20 (and even the lower prices for teams in
developing nations) subsidizes the cost of the free t-shirts, which is
all some teams can afford.

Don't look at it as "buying a shirt," think of it as contributing to
the global effort to educate the public toward the ideals of Software
Freedom. "Freedom isn't free", and purchasing SFD shirts for your
teams enables us to send more shirts to everyone overall.

SFI[1] is a non-profit organization and all our funding is exhausted to
provide these materials to SFD teams each year.

This year we decided to take a risk with the potential reward that
hundreds more of you could sport SFD T-Shirts at your events in 2006.
We bought more shorts than we could afford to ship, at the risk that
not enough of them would sell. As our budget stands now, we still need
many of your teams to purchase shirts or we will not be able to afford
to ship all of the free shirts[2], and we would like every team to
have two free shirts.

So if your team can afford shirts, or you'd like to buy a SFD shirt
for your mom -- or anybody else! -- please order yours today so that
we can ship as many of the free ones as possible!

We'd like to see you all in orange at your SFD celebrations, so help
out the other teams around the world and buy your SFD shirts today!

Buy shirts here: http://tinyurl.com/h3kgl

Discounts are available for team purchases and those in developing
nations; email info at softwarefreedomday.org for more information.

Matt Oquist

[1] Software Freedom International: http://softwarefreedomday.org/sfi
[2] Shipping is included in the price of purchased shirts, so all the purchased shirts are guaranteed to ship. The only items at risk are the free shirts; we may not be able to ship all of them.

SoftwareFreedomDay.org :
   Celebrating Free and Open Source Software in Your Community
info AT softwarefreedomday.org

SFD Sponsors:
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