ubuntu GR for ESF in Athens? URGENT

Spiros Bolis sbolis at freemail.gr
Wed May 3 11:44:32 EEST 2006

On Tue, 2 May 2006 julien at apo33.org wrote:

> will you come to ESF? is the Hellinic group will have a stand or
> something, they could maybe join the crealab to present the lug?

Dear Julien,

The Hellenic Linux Users Group is helping with the tech stuff of the
ESF.  We've been setting up an LTSP lab at the press center till 03:00
today actually! There's still some work to do, our LUG's chairman,
Richard Kweskin, along with a very active member of ours, Christos Nikas,
are right now on site fine tuning the last of the technical stuff (just
spoke to them over the phone and they're doing the leased line thing
since no Wireless Metropolitan colleagues are there at the time). We've
set up an RTSP server to be used for the audio streaming of presentations
and discussions as well as their translations.

We've also issued a press release and a members "call to arms" and we'll
have a strong presence in the Forum. Though we won't have a stand in the
hanger or in the field, you can find us at the Press Center doing our
last minute troubleshooting and seeing that everything works smoothly.
(Personally I'll be there later on since there are some minor thing to
attend to but you can always find someone with a yellow "hellug" tag at
the Press Center or in the nearby area).

We have some CDs to give (mostly Ubuntu 5.10 on CD, Knoppix DVDs and some
Knoppel CDs, leftovers from previous events) - we might even organise some
training or short presentations if the PC usage permits it.

See you there,

For the Hellug board,

Spiros D. Bolis

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