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Richard Kweskin rkwesk at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 00:13:29 EET 2003

--- Giannis Stoilis <giannis at stoilis.gr> wrote:
> Θέλω την γνώμη σας για την περιγραφή του συλλόγου.
> Έγραψα το παρακάτω:
> HELLUG is a non-profit association, dedicated in
> promoting the use of the   
> Linux Operating System in Greece. It also supports
> Free and Open Source   
> Software related movements. This is achieved by
> providing free hosting   
> services for anyone interested in developping such

developing (not double p)

> projects.  Furthermore, 
> HELLUG participates in IT excibitions in Greece, to

exhibitions (h not c)

> present the   
> capabilities of such software, while emphasizing the
> benefits of its use.  
> HELLUG also provides free troubleshooting assistanse

assistance (c not s)

> to anyone trying to   
> migrate to Open Source Software, through many
> mailing lists, depending on   
> the topic in question.  HELLUG is the only
> established association dedicated 
> in this field, thus it is the  center of similar
> activities in Greece. 
> Πείτε μου την γνώμη σας, διορθώστε το ή και
> ξαναγράψτε το.
> - Γιάννης Στοΐλης
As an English speaker my comments are that the text is
clear and straight forward and only needed the above
noted spelling corrections.


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