need help sending letter to Greek MEPs on IP Enforcement Directive?

Robin Gross robin at
Tue Aug 12 04:54:52 EEST 2003

Hello Greece:

I am writing to request assistance in sending a letter to the Greek members 
of the EU JURI Committee.

Many civil liberties and consumer rights campaigns have signed on to a 
letter opposing the EU IP Enforcement Directive.  Please see:

Perhaps your group would be interested in signing on to the letter as well?

We are asking groups that are physically in the country to print and mail 
the letters to the EU JURI Committees so they do not come from a foreign 

Are you interested and able to print and mail this letter to Greek 
MEPS?  Their contact info is below.

Thank you very much for whatever assistance you can provide in this effort.

Best wishes,


κ. TSATSOS, Dimitris

Robin D. Gross, Esq.
Executive Director
robin at    +1 415.553.6261

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