Printing Greek chars from a2ps...patch (sort of)

Rouvas Stathis rouvas at
Sat Sep 15 22:31:01 EEST 2001

Dear all,

Since the beginning of time (my first installtion of SuSE.6.4) I could
not print Greek chars using a2ps. Recently I managed to solve it.

More info at <>.

Included from the above link:
Printing documents (text) which contained Greek chars, resulted in Greek
chars either printed as gibberish or sequence of control codes,
depending on font used. Using the -Xiso7 option did not rectify the

Problem traced to be the codes used in iso7.edf encoding file that was
shipped with my version of a2ps. Instead of using some recognizable
glyph names, it used the afiixxxx representation. 

Checking resource #1, found out that the afii codes where indeed those
intended for representation of Greek chars. Only that all the fonts I
tried did not seem to understand those codes. Replacing with the
equivalent codes from resource #2, I was able to print Greek chars.
Output is fine, both in gv and in paper. 

Refer to link for resolving of resources mentioned.


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