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Tue Jul 3 15:57:19 EEST 2001

Ford looks to open source

The director of IT and ebusiness for Ford Europe says that he anticipates
moving to an Open Source desktop down the road, dumping Microsoft in the
"Motor giant Ford's European arm is planning to ditch Microsoft as its
desktop operating systems provider and move to an open source model,
according to its European head of IT."
"In an exclusive interview with conducted at the IT Director's
Forum, Richard Thwaite, director of IT and ebusiness infrastructure for Ford
Europe, said an open source desktop was his goal."
"Asked if he would consider a Linux desktop, he said: 'I think ultimately we
will look for an open source desktop. I think that's eventually where the
industry will go.'

Νομίζω πως τέτοια παραδείγματα θα χρειαστούμε , αν θέλουμε να τους πείσουμε.

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