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Subject: linux support

Subject: Linux support


I take the liberty of sending you this message because our company is
searching for technical assistance from persons acquainted with Linux
environment. Is it possible to know if there are reliable persons and/or
companies available in Athens who would be interested in collaborating
with us in this field?

Texto is a translation company in Greece and the first to have been
certified ISO 9002. A couple of years ago we decided to install Linux in
our Server. The problem is that now that is comes to have a full support
of the network, we found out that we know few reliable persons who
combine knowledge of Windows & Linux in these matters.

We are considering a potential collaboration under a yearly service
contract or on an hour basis, depending on needs, availability and cost
efficiency rates.

I would really appreciate any information on the subject. Thank you very

Best regards,

Odile Brehier
Managing Director

Texto Communication Services Ltd
2 Kallimachou St & Ermionis
11635 Athens
Tel. (01) 72 31 201
Fax. (01) 72 58 365

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