Weird MODEM!??!

che ch94088 at
Fri Apr 7 02:43:01 EEST 2000

I think that I have a weird modem!! To be more specific I have an internal
ISA modem Diamond Supra 33.6 Kbps. I also have the SuSE 6.3. My problem is
that the Linux cannot recognize my modem, although it had recognized before
3 months! I was forced to install again the linux because of a hard disk
failure. After the new installation the modem does not exist!!! If I choose
"autodection of modem" in YaST, I get the answer that there is no modem. It
also says, that maybe the modem is in use by some other program (!?!?!?!).
Could you help to install that f***** modem!
Thank you very much, matsssssss-moutssssss........ :-)

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