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To parakato einai apo ena newsletter kai leei gia Linux...se 
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>From the European Commission Education and Training Sector of the
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Monday 7th December 1998



LINUX in Mexican schools

In another battle for the open-source software movement, the Mexican
government said that it plans to install the free Linux operating system in
140,000 elementary- and middle-school computer labs around the country.
Over the next five years, the government's Scholar Net program will furnish
Mexican students with access to the Web and email, as well as word
processors and spreadsheets. Linux has grown increasingly popular among
server administrators as an inexpensive and flexible alternative to Windows
NT. Partly because of limited software availability, however, the Linux
Operating System hasn't yet taken off in educational or business networks.
The savings the Mexican government hopes to achieve by not opting for
commercial available systemware is estimated to be well over 80 Million Euro.


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