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Doris Seiler ds at
Thu May 7 18:56:03 EEST 1998

Hello again,

I am pleased to notice that  you appreciate our distribution and that 
slowly more and more people in Greece switch over to Linux now, as well.
I'll ship you tomorrow a second copy for your User Group and some
Demonstration CDs of Suse Linux 5.2.
As delivery by mail takes quite a long time I'll ship it by UPS, so I hope
someone will be there to receive delivery, as UPS want a signature when
handing out the parcel, wich should arrive within 4 working days.
If you wish you can take this demo CD for distribution with the
computer magazine which you were talking about.
We had in other countries as well such cover CDs distributed in computer
magazines, for example in the spanish PC World, which contributed in
increasing the popularity of our distribution, as people are always
enthousiastic about Suse Linux.
So let me know if you find the demo CD suitable. If not we can produce
another one, and include what you, or the magazine wishes.
I would just like to know which magazine we are talking about, and 
eventually get a copy of this magazine.
So please ask them to to so, or send me their phone number so that I can
contact them.
As for the parts included in Suse Linux which are GPLed, you may find them
in the ReadMe files on the CDs, or on our FTP server.
It's mainly our YAST, which isn't GPLed and some other packages, but we
may include them also on the cover CD.  
Please keep me informed.

Best regards,
Doris Seiler

> I received it, I testes it, I was really very satisfied by Suse 5.1
> and found the professional-like feel of an Operating System.
> I demonstrated it to more than 30 people (!!!), among others there were 
> significant members of Greek Linux Community.
> I created a big interest on Suse Linux here in Greece, 
> and we are studuing now, if this will be the first Linux distribution
> we'll place Greek support in (Internationalization).
> I would like to know (ASAP!), which parts of Suse Linux are GPLed,
> because
> we (HELLUG - Hellenic Linux Community) want to distribute a free CD with
> Linux,
> through a greek magazine. We have to choose between RedHat and Suse.
> If you want it to be you (I want it this way), please send me
> an official approval!,  carbon copy: hellug at,
> which is the communication list between us.
> I already ordered 2 Linux Suse 5.2 from STEP (representative of Suse in
> Athens), 
> through mail order and I guess I'll have them tomorrow,
> but would be very happy with an additional demo for PLUG, if this is
> possible.
> > > Georgatos Photis
> > > Aliartou 32, Lambrini
> > > Athens, TK 11142
> > > GREECE
> Keep up the good work! Congratulations to every one there.
> An impressed active linux enthousiast.
> Georgatos Photis
> And another one (both pretty active on Linux I18N, E14N)
> Keramidas George
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Best regards,

Doris Seiler

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